Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World is a network/training hub that will aim to prepare, equip and encourage pastors and missionaries from the Majority World in Britain as well as help indigenous British Christians and churches understand Christians from the South.




Multi-ethnic Churches: A Gospel Imperative in a Post-Brexit World

If Brexit is dividing people into us and them, migrants and British citizens, elite and uneducated, racist and accepting of others, how should the church respond and handle these differences? 

Reflections on the Global Missions Conference 2016

Gathered under the theme of One God, One People, One Message, participants gathered together from various nations to explore and think through trends and key mission topics affecting our current global scene.

Conference report - Every Tribe, Nation and Language: Growing Multi-ethnic Churches

“Growing multi-ethnic churches changes everybody, that’s why it’s difficult and painful. When strangers come in, you can’t stay the same”. This conference in Birmingham on 2nd July addressed the theme of multi-ethnic churches in Britain, and was well attended with 75 participants drawn from African, Caribbean and white British backgrounds. 

Global Mission Conference 2016 to be hosted by CMMW director

CMMW director Dr Samuel Cueva will be hosting the Global Mission Conference in London in October 2016, gathering missionaries, mission societies, pastors, theologians and church members to think and pray about Mission in the Third Millennium.

CMMW team gathers for strategic meeting

The CMMW team gathered together for a strategic meeting last week at the Church Mission Society (CMS) office in Oxford., planning for their upcoming conference in Birmingham on 2nd July.

This unique collaboration between Birmingham Churches Together, Queens Foundation and the Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World will bring together church leaders from many different Christian traditions who are seeking to integrate people from different ethnic backgrounds into the life and mission of their church.

Culture matters - whether national, ethnic, class, age, gender or organisational. This workshop in Tooting on 30 April, organised by Friendship Plus, will equip you and your church members on the role of Cultural Intelligence in Mission and Ministry.

CMMW brunch for missionaries to the UK

CMMW gathered together 15 pastors who have come to minister in the UK from 10 diverse nations across the world

Partnership In Mission - new book by CMMW director

In the words of Dr Kate Coleman: ‘Israel’s latest offering goes the extra mile, beyond documentation, by proposing insightful and pragmatic ways that UK Christians can further express the prophetic nature of what must inevitably be increasingly creative and diverse expressions of mission and ministry in the unfolding history of the United Kingdom’.

Click here to read Israel's latest blog posts

Click here to read Israel's latest blog posts

Missio Africanus - unleashing Africa's missionary potential in the world. Click here to read more. 

Missio Africanus - unleashing Africa's missionary potential in the world. Click here to read more.