Missional Conversation March 2014: Trends in World Christianity

The Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World started a conversation on 27 March around the issues of global mission. This was looked through the particular lense of African Christianity. In attendance were about 15 mission practitioners from the UK all serving in various contexts such as Contextual Theology Centre (CTC), All Nations Christian College, Crosslinks and the Welcome Network.

Part of the trend in world Christianity is that migratory patterns have brought cultural diversity to the many large cities in the UK. This raises the question of what approach we should use to reach out to people from all nations and different faiths. The Missional Conversations explores embracing multi-Christianity (that is Christianity as expressed by people from other cultures) as one of the ways the different nationalities could be reached in the UK. One implication of this would be multicultural churches that allow the voices and expression of this multi-Christianity to be explored. The Conversation considered the difficult issues and challenges that surround any multicultural context.

Another shift in world Christianity which the Conversation explored was the idea of reverse mission and whether the term should be dropped in favour of a more nuanced one such transcultural mission. Lastly, the Conversation considered the argument that Western theological institutions and colleges need to move from theology to theologies, so as to present every theology as contextual instead of just those produced by Asians, Africans and South Americans.

The Conversation was the first of three Missional Conversations which will run between March and May 2014. Rev Tim Clapton of the Contextual Theology Centre (CTC), one of the attendees, commented: “Our Missional Conversation set the scene really well.  It was a good opportunity to rehearse the history of Christianity in Africa.  This background and scene-setting will prove useful in our future conversations as we begin to think about the future and how we might best work towards a greater understanding and working together between Christians of all ethnicities.  I learnt a lot – I was very grateful for the input provided by Israel and Harvey.” 

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