Diaspora Mission: The Story of South Asian Concern

South Asian Concern (SAC) is an organisation passionate about celebrating the good news of Jesus, sharing this good news with people of all backgrounds, and encouraging, equipping and enabling followers of Christ to be more effective in their engagement with South Asians.

They’ve recently released a book telling the story of SAC. So we asked Ram Gidoomal, one of their co-founders, to tell us more about what God has done through SAC...

1.    Why did South Asian Concern decide to write this book?

We decided to write this book to challenge and encourage others – especially young people – to rise to the challenge of missions to South Asia and South Asians in the diaspora.

2.    What inspired the team to form South Asian Concern?

SAC was established to be a catalyst for mission mobilisation. We were inspired by the work of the Chinese diaspora and a historical survey by Dr Raju Abraham which highlighted the fact that it was possible to reach South Asia for Christ in our generation. We saw the potential of the South Asian diaspora, as people of different faiths experienced Christ in new ways and shared Him with family and friends across the globe, as well as ‘back home’. We wanted to use this network for mission.

3.    Looking back on the history of South Asian Concern, what are some of the highlights?

It’s been great to see cross-cultural resources, such as fusion music which has now inspired many to produce relevant worship music to reach South Asians for Christ. Dr Raju Abraham going to India to catalyse missions, reviving a failing hospital and developing it to a significant training centre for outreach in North India was another highlight. And we’re excited that we’re helping churches in the UK and right across the diaspora to reach out to South Asians within their culture, and encouraging new followers of Christ to link with each other.

4.    What have you and team learnt along the way?

“Pray as if everything depends on God, work as if everything depends on you.” 

5.    Are many South Asians becoming Christian in the UK nowadays?

Yes, there are increasing numbers and also growing interest from others. But we have only begun to scratch the surface. There are great opportunities and challenges for the churches to engage with love, friendship and willingness to cross cultural barriers. Resources are available to help with this.

6.    What piece of advice would you give to someone who has recently moved to the UK from the majority world to minister here?

Work in partnership with those already here. Teamwork is the most effective.

The book Diaspora Mission: The Story of South Asian Concern is available now to purchase via the SAC website, and costs £5.50.